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MYCA Wembley Gujarati School


EVERY SATURDAY (term time only)

10:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

Ages 5+


Barham Primary School 

Danethorpe Road 



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One of London's oldest Gujarati Schools, running for more than 40 years, MYCA Wembley's Gujarati School is for pupils aged 5 years old, through to G.C.S.E level. Pupils are awarded trophies, upon receipt of their G.C.S.E Gujarati Certificate, as a reminder of their time with us and our pride in them and their achievements.

The dedicated teachers aim to keep the culture and language of Gujarat alive, thus inspiring a new generation. This was the mantra of the motivated few; who began this journey and realised their dream of having a School where our young ones would connect with our Gujarati roots.

Throughout the classes, pupils are taught about the rich culture and history India has to offer, as well as learning and experiencing the traditions and religious celebrations observed by Hindus.

The school holds two annual shows, the Poem Festival, welcoming Spring and the End of Year show which is a celebration of India's history. By maintaining these events year on year, pupils are able to exercise their Gujarati reading, speaking and singing skills, as well as giving all ages the chance to build their self-confidence and stage presence.  


Hansaben Bhatt

Natasha Patel

Janaki Shah

Rekhaben L Shah

Headteacher: Prabhaben R Jivan

Assistant Headteacher: Yashuben K Patel


Bhaveshbhai R Jivan

Rekhaben B Patel

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