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Mandhata Youth & Community Association (MYCA) Wembley was founded in 1972, by members of the Koli community originating from Gujarat, India, as a means of keeping their social ties with other Koli Gujarati's living in London. 

MYCA Wembley was set-up by our enthusiastic and visionary pioneers, with the aim of promoting social, educational and Hindu cultural and religious activities within the vibrant community. Through the various events organised, we strive to bring friends and families of all ages together. 

From its humble beginnings, our community has grown in number, with over 500 members, comprising of Koli members from Gujarat, British born Gujarati's and non-Koli members; typical of the integration of our society today. As well as growing in membership, MYCA Wembley is now a well established and respected organisation.

As a registered charity organisation, our community is headed up by a team of elected volunteers who oversee the day-to-day runnings. Of course, we rely on the service of our members too. We are affiliated* to organisations such as Association of Mandhata Samaj U.K. (AMSUK), Hindu Council Brent, Hindu Forum of Britain, Gandhi Foundation, National Congress of Gujarati Organisations.

Whilst working collectively, every individual matters and every individual's efforts make the difference, building upon our ethos; 

Unity Is Strength. 

*Disclaimer: We have no political affiliations to any organisation or individual in Britain or overseas, and believe in enjoying and promoting a harmonious environment in our cosmopolitan society.

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