Embracing the best of East and West, Mahila Mandal seamlessly facilitate cultural, religious and social events. From organising religious events and running community sponsored Satsangs, to nights out and weekends away their actions are spread throughout the community.

Care and camaraderie is at the centre of all that they do. “Our members are like family, they support one another and form lifelong friendships" is the sentiment of this group. Charity fundraiser events are held regularly and donations to various initiatives, such as food banks are a given. 

Meet the conveners

The ladies, who backed by an incredible team, run the Mahila Mandal.

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Home Fitness

Exercise is important for our health and well-being, especially during this pandemic, so why not join our virtual home fitness sessions.

When & Where:

Weekly on Wednesday night at 7.30 PM on Zoom

(email for the link)



Check the events calendar to find upcoming events

Fitness Equipments

Gardening Club

Whether you are looking to plant your first bulb, or a seasoned pro with green fingers, all are welcome at our Gardening club. We will be following the seasons, looking at planting advice, tips and tricks for how you can make your gardens bloom this Summer. 

When & Where:

Sunday 28th March 11.00 AM on Zoom

(email for the link)



Check the events calendar to find upcoming events.