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Year End Message

Dear Member,

Namaste to you and your loved ones.

When we saw in the 2020 New Year, full of hope and excitement of a new beginning we could not have imagined a year such as this one.

It has been a challenge, as we cope with a whole new way of life. One where there is uncertainty, where we have had extraordinarily little or often no interaction with those closest to us – this has perhaps been the hardest part.

It has been harder still for some, the loss of loved ones during this surreal time. I send you my heartfelt sympathy and special thoughts.

This 'avalanche' of a virus has played havoc with our lives. We will surely return to some form of normality as we see a glimmer of hope in the horizon.

Our indomitable human spirit is seeing us through this crisis in a way that may have brought us all closer as a family and as a community. It has perhaps shown each of us that we have it in us to dig deep and bring out that strong spirit of survival, the ‘I can and I will get through this’ belief in ourselves.

We have done much over this time to keep us connected, whether it be via telephone calls, messaging one another or using that ‘magical’ ZOOM; which has been so wonderful for our members. Although not ‘tech savvy’ (or so they say!), many have persisted and are now well versed with the technicality of it all!

Your willingness to adapt has spurred us on to host online events. It is truly heart warming to see many of you take to the screen, whether it be at the regular Day Centre meet up, Satsang, Mahila Mandal activities, or be it our ‘Bhakti Bhavna’ and Diwali events.

We look forward to seeing more of you join in as we continue with this way of gathering, until it is absolutely safe for us to meet in person. We all “will” that day to hurry along!

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season, which I know will be disappointing and difficult this year. I wish us inner strength to see this time through, with the spirit of hope for a 2021 that brings with it the optimism of an altogether better year for us all.

Let us open our heart to a new beginning, write a beautiful story - one which we can be proud of because we smiled at someone, we reached out to someone, we made a difference in someone’s life because we were kind and we cared.

The Mandhata Community is here for you and united in caring for one another, so please do reach out to us whenever you need to or would like to.

Please be sure to adhere to the latest Government advice. We will get through this difficult time.

With love and warm wishes to you and your families for good health and every happiness.




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